Contract Brewing

ABC Filling has been set up over the past 5 years to cater for medium sized beverage customers. Brewing has never been easier when you partner with ABC Filling.

We have eight packaging lines:

  • Cans x 2 – 1,500 cans/hr slim line & 12,000 cans/hr 202 end
  • Carbonated glass – 3,000 bottles/hr
  • Still glass wine and spirits – 3,000 bottles/hr
  • PET – 3000 bottles/hr
  • Induction sealĀ  – 6,000/hr
  • Bag in box – 2-20kg
  • Kegs – brand new Italian line commissioning 35 kegs/hr

We have high quality ingredients on hand for whenever you need it. Most of all, we want to ensure that your products taste great.

We employ full time, qualified brewers, distillers and winemakers and as a result can help you meet your needs with our expertise. ABC has over 1,000,000L of tank capacity in our tank farm, a brand new crossflow filter that filters beer at 10,000L/hr at a 0.45 micron absolute spec as well as a tunnel pasteuriser for glass and cans.

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